Протокол ВАЗ Январь 7. The software is probably stolen and the security codes have been cracked. Рекомендую сканер Mongoose 6в1. Да вот нужно, чтобы TIS работал. Какая самая свежая из доступных баз есть?

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How to install Techstream V10.10.018 in Windows 7/8 64bit OS

The tips are for those that are currently trying to use the software Techstream V So do not care about the version in the following, just pay attention the steps. I have tried it in this way successfully, and maybe there exist risks; you should be responsible for what you do if you wants to have a try.

I bought mine techstrewm www.

This cable comes with a mini CD with drivers and Toyota Techstream software. Mine is actually Windows 7 x64, but for Windows 8 the configuration procedure should be identical. Download and install a trial version of WinRAR download from http: Now open WinRAR again.

Using the program, navigate to the temp folder with unpacked files and double click the TISKey. Once executed, it simply unpacks and copies the IT3System. The workaround is to install it manually, as follows:.


Русская справка к программе Techstream (версия )

This will extract the content of the MSI file to the c: Go ahead and close the Command Prompt techstrram, and open up the c: Now go into C: Open the Device Manager and locate the two failing devices in the list. You should now see two new devices: So, the Firmware Update Tool should NOT be used for anything, but checking that the device is connected and working properly.

DO NOT launch it yet. To activate it, drag the IT3System. When prompted, overwrite the preexisting file with the new one you are dragging over.

Перевод на русский язык файла справки TOYOTA Techstream

REG file that has to be imported to the Registry all you have to do in this step is just extract the file to the desktop, right click, then click Merge.

If your software is lower than V Just to clear it up, you do not have to register this software after this is all done, it techstrem yours forever almost.


Mostly all of the customizable options can be accessed with this update so I would not mess with it and try to get anything new as it is not needed! How to install Techstream V The workaround is to install it manually, as follows: Open the Command Prompt in Administrator Mode, and run the following command line: Windows Registry Editor Version 5.

Hope this will help you really.